JDM Climate Control

NOTICE: This article was originally written in 2002. It is kept here because there are still quite a few people interested in this conversion. But since it’s been so long since I’ve done my conversion and I don’t even have my Honda Prelude anymore, I can’t be of much help if you run into issues or if you’re missing parts. So use this info at your own risk.

dcp00285Well this is it, this is my guide on how to install a JDM Climate Control in a 4th gen USDM Prelude.

I’ll try to cover all aspect of this install, what parts you need and how to hook them up. I won’t explain how to remove your consoles and stuff like that (not for now anyway), you should have a Helm handy at all time when working on your car. Also please note that I am not responsible if you blow up your car, get a fine for releasing freon in the atmosphere or any other injuries or whatever that could happen.
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